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Before the World War II, approx. 30 % of the Warsaw population – over 350 000 people - was Jewish. There were about 400 synagogues and prayer houses in the city, the most magnificent synagogue was at Tlomackie Str. (close to pl. Bankowy). It was destroyed by the Nazis to celebrate defeating of the Ghetto Uprising. Today, there is only one synagogue left in Warszawa – at Twarda Str., near the Jewish Theatre.

Lot of Jews used to live on the right side of the river – Praga, and still today, walking certain streets there, you can sense the atmosphere of the Jewish Warsaw before the war.

On the left side of the river, where the Ghetto used to be, there are now several monuments commemorating the Jews of Warsaw – between them The Monument over the Ghetto Heroes at Zamenhof Square, and Umschlagplatz, a memorial raised at the very spot where Warsaw Jews were gathered in 1943, loaded on cattle wagons and transported to the death camp at Treblinka.

The Monument over the Ghetto Heroes     Umschlagplatz at Stawki Street

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