Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski)

The Royal Castle

Built in the 14th century as a wooden fortress for the Dukes of Mazovia, the castle became a royal residence when King Sigmund III Vasa made plans to move the Polish capital to Warszawa from Krakow in 1569. The castle then remained the seat of the monarchy and the Sejm (Polish parliament) for almost 250 years.

At the end of World War I in 1918 the castle became the official residence of the Polish president. In 1944 the residence was totally demolished during heavy fighting of the Warszawa Uprising. The remnants were then completely destroyed by German engineers in late September 1944.

But the castle was then rebuilt in 1971-84, and since 1971 has operated as a state-run institution under the name of the Royal Castle in Warszawa – a Monument of National History and Culture. Gradually opening to the public as the restoration and furnishing activities progressed, it opened fully in 1984.

The Royal Castle is a centre of permanent and temporary exhibitions. All expositions can be easily visited by disabled, The Royal Castle has all the facilities required.

Address: Plac Zamkowy 4.

Palace Pod Blacha

Just next to the Castle there is Late-Baroque Palace "Pod Blacha",  hosting an exhibition of Oriental carpets.

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