St. John´s CathedalCathedral of St. John
The Cathedral is the oldest gothic church in Warsaw, the church where coronation of many Polish kings took place. It survived Warszawa Uprising in 1944, but being an important symbol for Poles, it was blown up by Germans afterwards.
The Cathedral is at ul. Swietojanska 8 in The Old Town.

Church of St. Mary
the Queen of Poland
The church of St. Mary was built in the 17th century as a catholic church. For some times during the Russian era it was turned into an Orthodox one, but now again it belongs to the Roman Catholic Community. During the Warszawa Uprising in 1944 the church was transformed into a field hospital. Nowadays it’s the Cathedral of Polish Military Forces.
Address: Ulica Dluga, right on Plac Krasinskich.

Church of St. Anna
The church is known for its rich, late baroque interior. The façade is in the neoclassical style. From the bell-tower there is a beautiful view over the Old Town, the river and the centre. You will find this church right next to the Castle Square.


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