Lazienki ParkLazienki Park
(Łazienki Królewskie)

Founded in the 18th by Polish king Stanislaw August Poniatowski (1732-1798), the Lazienki Park is one of the most beautiful places in Warszawa. There is a main Lazienki Palace there, an amphitheatre on the water hosting a summer theatre and a number of smaller buildings. Here and there you will se squirrels running across your path and disappearing among some statues. They will be back soon, to beg some nuts from you…

In Lazienki, you can listen to the masterpieces of one of the most famous polish composers Frederick Chopin (1810-1849).
Every Sunday from May until September there’s a free Chopin concert held at noon at the monument of this great composer. Later on, you can hear his music in various places in the park e.g. in the Old Orangery, Myslewicki Palace, Stanislaw Theatre and Theatre on the Water. Another beautiful palace and the last king’s private residence is The Palace on the Water where the king used to spend summers.

Saxon Garden (Ogród Saski)Saxon Garden
With over one hundred different spices of trees and located just south of Stare Miasto (Old Town), the Saxon Garden is one of Warszawa’s most fascinating parks. It used to be gardens of the Saxon Palace and here you can stroll among Baroque sculptures an elegant 19th century fountain, as well as take a leisurely walk enjoying all the flowers in and around the tree-lined avenues. On the eastern border of the park there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument aimed to honour countless soldiers that died for their country. During official visits to Warsaw, many foreign top politicians use to pay their respect here.

Krasinskich Garden
(Ogród Krasińskich)
Krasinskich Garden, situated between the Krasinskich Palace and general Anders Street, is another old (established in 17th century) park where several rare species of trees can be spotted. Before the Saxon Garden was opened, it had been Warsaw’s larger garden. It was opened to the public in 1767. The Garden is one more favourite place for Warsaw inhabitants to stroll or sit down in the sun and chat.

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