At least three of Warsaw's cemeteries are worth to visit.
In the area of Powazki  there is Powazki Cemetery (Cmentarz Powazkowski) called sometimes Old Powazki (Stare Powazki) - the oldest catholic cemetery in the city. It is often compared with the famous Père Lachaise in Paris, for its beauty and atmosphere.

Old Powązki Cemetery    Old Powązki Cemetery

At the former military cemetery Powazki Cmentarz Wojskowy (near the Old Powazki) there are numerous graves of soldiers of the Home Army, killed during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, but also graves of many famous men and women - poets, writers, artists and politicians. On this cemetery there are also monuments commemorating all those who lost their lives in death camps, soviet gulags and during other painful moments of the Polish history. 

Powazki Military Cemetery    Powazki Military Cemetery

Jewish CemeteryJewish Cemetery  
Close to the Old Powazki there is one of the biggest Jewish cemeteries in the world.

Established in 1806, it did not suffer much damage during the war, but the Nazis destroyed all burial records. Today, on the area of ca 33 hectars, there are graves and tombs of a quarter of a million people.

The Cemetry is closed on Saturdays and on Jewish holidays; since it is in function, men who visit the area should cover their heads. Admission 4 pln.



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