The Polish Kitchen

The Polish kitchen (kuchnia polska) is one of many influences. It’s a combination of Slavic and foreign habits. Kuchnia polska uses a lot of meat in the cooking as well as domestic spices. One of the typical Polish specialities you can find here is Golonka; boiled pork knuckle or hock which after boiling is tenderly grilled. We recommend tasty sauerkraut or smooth boiled beetroot and other vegetables. It’s very tasty and together with a Polish beer or a glass of local wine it’s a delicious meal.

Another traditional dish is Pirogue, small dumplings often filled with sauerkraut, mushrooms, meat, potatoes or cheese depending on what kind of pirogue you order. This traditional dish can also be eaten as a desert and is then made with sweet cheese or fruits and topped with sugar or sour cream.

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